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In Our Team:

- there are teachers with backgrounds of the best pedagogical and linguistic universities of Russia

- there are teachers with records of service in profession from 3 to 35 years

Teaching Materials We Use:

- we work with world recognized leaders such as Cambridge, Oxford, Macmillan and best Russian publishers

- we prepare students for Cambridge Exams, TOEFL and Russian standards of foreign languages

Modern Technologies We Use:

- we use all modern technologies in the field of learning languages such as on line classes, interactive CDs, free Wi-Fi, free Internet access and others. All these features make our classes vivid and dynamic as it is recognized in modern world

Our Reputation:

- our courses are one of the oldest ones in Pushkino. We celebrated tenth anniversary a couple of years ago. We have prepared students who passed successfully Cambridge Exams (from young learners to CAE), TOEFL and university entrance exams. We have ‘thank you letters’ for excellent work of our teachers

The School of English in Pushkino European School with Best Russian Traditions.

As a rule when newcomers come to our course the same question is asked:

-How much qualified are your teachers?

I would like to answer the following:

First of all, our teachers are broad minded people (not narrow specialized entertainers), with whom you can discuss different topics with variety of opinions in English, German and French

Our teachers are graduates from prestigious Russian universities, which gives them right to stand in the same row with best teachers around the globe working in the field of language education (the conclusion is drawn from numerous discussions with foreign colleagues)

Our teachers work with European and Russian approaches using enormous number of books (text books) such brand publishes as Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, Macmillan etc

Our teachers are creative people looking for new ideas, new approaches, constantly improving themselves. As a school manager I have never given them (teachers) any instruction how to teach and which methods to use.

Our teachers are good psychologists and they are capable of finding a key to any student and solve any problem delicately.

I would like to wish ALL TEACHERS good health, creativity and to maintain that atmosphere of collaboration and mutual assistance which rules at courses!

Alexander Mayorov

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Lets work together!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys,

We are happy to invite you to our school! You have made the right choice and here are a few reasons for that:
First, you will be taught by professionals and that means you will be taught using the best teaching methods combined with the professionalism of our teachers.
Second, you will be taught in a loving, friendly atmosphere and that means you will be treated as our best friends with love and care and we appreciate your friendship and choice.
And finally,
You have started a long journey where you will have to work hard. But you are on a right road! This way you will be able to broaden your mind, to get better career opportunities, to make new friends round the world. This road will lead you to the exciting future! What a challenge!
And you are not alone. We promise to make this journey interesting and to help you reach all your dreams.
Lets work together to reach Our Common Goals!
We all wish you good luck and every success!
Yours faithfully,

Alexander Mayorov

Manager, Teacher of English

Main Aims
  • Encouraging students in their development of skills in practical usage of foreign languages in different situations including development of communication skills.
  • International examinations preparation.*

    * International examinations (The Cambridge ESOL examinations, TOEFL and others) are recognized by thousands of employers, universities & colleges, professional bodies & government organizations throughout the world. They can open doors to higher education, improve job prospects and, because the qualifications are so well known globally, increase mobility.

  • School Services
    1. Learning recourses are based on internationally recognized teaching methods including well known text books, audio, video, CD, online recourses.
    2. Learning foreign languages abroad.
    3. English for companies
    4. Language practice with native speakers.
    1. There are several levels at school (from elementary to advanced). Each level provides approximately 125 hours of language learning. In order to study at a certain level (except the first one) you have to take a placement test at school or online (Test).
      After each level graduation you will be given a certificate, final test results, a table of language skills and a CD (a set of audio books writhen by the world most famous writers).
    2. Classes are available for adults and children in:
      • small groups (3-5 students)
      • private.
    3. Classes are taken place at the address: Naberezhnaya St. 6, Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia 141200.
      How to get to us

      Tel. / Fax: 8-(49653)-2-51-05 (from Moscow)
      Tel. / Fax (International): +7-(496)-53-251-05
      Tel. work: +7-(496)-(53)-7-14-10
      Mobile: 8 926 496 74 99 (International: +7 926 496 74 99)
      Skype: english-pushkino


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