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In Our Team:

- there are teachers with backgrounds of the best pedagogical and linguistic universities of Russia

- there are teachers with records of service in profession from 3 to 35 years

Teaching Materials We Use:

- we work with world recognized leaders such as Cambridge, Oxford, Macmillan and best Russian publishers

- we prepare students for Cambridge Exams, TOEFL and Russian standards of foreign languages

Modern Technologies We Use:

- we use all modern technologies in the field of learning languages such as on line classes, interactive CDs, free Wi-Fi, free Internet access and others. All these features make our classes vivid and dynamic as it is recognized in modern world

Our Reputation:

- our courses are one of the oldest ones in Pushkino. We celebrated tenth anniversary a couple of years ago. We have prepared students who passed successfully Cambridge Exams (from young learners to CAE), TOEFL and university entrance exams. We have ‘thank you letters’ for excellent work of our teachers

The School of English in Pushkino European School with Best Russian Traditions.

As a rule when newcomers come to our course the same question is asked:

-How much qualified are your teachers?

I would like to answer the following:

First of all, our teachers are broad minded people (not narrow specialized entertainers), with whom you can discuss different topics with variety of opinions in English, German and French

Our teachers are graduates from prestigious Russian universities, which gives them right to stand in the same row with best teachers around the globe working in the field of language education (the conclusion is drawn from numerous discussions with foreign colleagues)

Our teachers work with European and Russian approaches using enormous number of books (text books) such brand publishes as Cambridge, Oxford, Longman, Macmillan etc

Our teachers are creative people looking for new ideas, new approaches, constantly improving themselves. As a school manager I have never given them (teachers) any instruction how to teach and which methods to use.

Our teachers are good psychologists and they are capable of finding a key to any student and solve any problem delicately.

I would like to wish ALL TEACHERS good health, creativity and to maintain that atmosphere of collaboration and mutual assistance which rules at courses!

Alexander Mayorov


A few suggestions for going cycling in winter

  1. You have to be an experienced rider. If not you should avoid it as you risk a lot!
  2. Riding in winter reminds riding on sand in summer. Avoid sharp turnings and do not pump tires too much keeping them a bit flat for better adhesion with snow!
  3. You could choose pavements for riding in the city or paths in the country. Avoid roads as they are covered with anti-ice liquids and could be extremely slippery.
Enjoy riding and make a virtual tour in the suburbs of Pushkino!

Flying at night

The working day is over and Im riding home from the office. 11 pm. There are a few people on the main street only. It is one of the privileges of the city. The streets which are dirty with a lot of traffic at daytime are empty now and you can ride at night in winter! There is enough light for it and no snow. Im rotating pedals and getting calm. Theres fresh air, some people in front of me, blinking traffic lights its a feeling of flying, movement, relaxation and joy!

To Bike-Lovers

Get a gulp of fresh air on a three-hour bicycle ride to the spring of the Serebryanka Riva in a beautiful Moscow countryside (Pushkino city). An English speaking club welcomes you! Bike rental 300 rub an hour! All bikes are retro and in perfect condition! For more information call Alex at 8 926 496 74 99 or e-mail:

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

How to get to Pushkino()

You have to get to Komsomolskaya Metro Station (Circle Line). Follow the directions (signs) (Yaroslavsky Railway Station) inside the underground and go outside to the station. There are several local electric trains and long distance trains at the railway station. Get on a local electric train which goes to (Pushkino railway station). You have to get off in (Pushkino railway station) where Ill pick you up. There are several trains which go to (Pushkino) and you wont have to wait long. Itll take you from 40 to 50 minuets to get to Pushkino by local electric train. Ill be waiting for you near blue tower at the station. I hope well find each other at the station using our mobiles.
I wish you a pleasant ride!

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Bike in Pushkino

Riding a Bike

It is prefect! Everything! My bike and my mood, the weather! I can hear only the whisper of tyres against asphalt and whisper of wind. I am riding to the Lake. A fifteen-minute ride from civilization to the silence of the Lake! Past the church, cemetery along the field road and I am here!
I am the King of the Lake! Nobodys here except me and two fishermen. The clothes go off and I jump into the water. Several strokes there and back to the shore then into the water again. My old friend has accepted me with calmness and quietness although I can feel its character.
Bye-bye old fellow! I am going to my Lady the River...

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