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Для мальчишек и девчонок, изучающих английский и теннис

(а таких у нас много)!

From Tom Avery to tennis players of the School of English in Pushkino

Greetings from Coach Tom to all those learning to play tennis in Moscow... this is a great opportunity you have to learn the sport of a lifetime... I encourage you all to take full advantage of the program and please don't waste it... you will never have this chance again...  it's a great way to stay healthy as you get older... also, tennis can teach you much about life... you can learn much about self control and patience... two very important qualities you will need as you grow older.  I wish you all the best in your tennis and most importantly in life!!!

All the best,


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Teaching Valleys and ServeToday

Обучение игре с лета и подаче сегодня


August 3, 2019


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